The Race of the Future


Please enjoy this simple playable prototype for G-Moto. My goal is to make G-Moto into an enjoyable spiritual successor to the Playstation Classic 'Jet-Moto', while also eliciting the feeling of the Speeder Bike and Pod Racing scenes from Star Wars.


(Windows only)


Meet the Riders:


The Pitch:


The pitch for G-Moto is simple. We want to make a spiritual successor to the popular Playstation One franchise Jet Moto with a subtle influence from Star Wars Pod Racing in the eclectic interstellar riders. Though it is admittedly a niche market in 2022, we believe that fans of anti-gravity racing games are hungry for new titles, and Jet Moto fans have been asking for a sequel since 1999. With the right funding, we could make G-Moto into an exciting multiplayer and cross-platform arcade racer that would appeal to old and new fans alike. Currently, I have put this prototype together as a solo developer (I have worked with Unreal Engine since 2009), however, I am close friends with Jim Buck, one of the lead programmers from 989 studios who created the massively popular Jet Moto 2 and Twisted Metal 3 and 4 amongst other classic titles. He has expressed a keen interest in working on the project if we are able to secure proper funding. I am also close with many other industry vets who have also expressed interest in working with me including people who have previously worked for Runic Games, V1 Interactive, Epic, id Software, Digital Extremes, and Volition. I am confident that I would be able to put together a small yet extremely talented team in a matter of weeks.  


We plan to utilize Unreal Engine 5 to develop the title, and we also plan to use a blend of hand-crafted and procedural design to allow for a much greater variety of tracks in the final shipping product. The prototype was built using Unreal Engine 4 in approximately 6 months in my spare time. We anticipate the full game would take somewhere between 1.5 - 2 years to complete with a team of around 8 - 12 full-time designers. We would very much like this to be an online cross-platform multiplayer title with up to 8 players at once, however, we believe it could also do well as a smaller, single-player game. We plan to release the game first on PC, with an eventual release on Xbox and Playstation.